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Also to read in this magazine this (translated) interview with Fatiha Amer of Opera Gallery Paris: click here for the original text 

“One of the leading art-galleries with the net-work of 10 galleries around the world that sells art of the past one and a half centuries, – Opera Gallery brought a solo show of Lita Cabellut to the Moscow Fine Art Fair this year.

Ten very bright two meter female portraits by Spanish artist, all created in 2013 and some of them especially for the Fair, became correct approach in attracting the attention of art-lovers and experts in Russia. The Fair that takes place in Moscow 7th time, brought more contemporary artists this year.

Fatiha Amer, the director of Opera Gallery Paris discussed with us about Russian passion for quality, the necessity of developing taste for the modern art in Russia and the success of participation in the Fine Art Fair with the solo show of Lita Cabellut.

Q. Why have you decided to do the show of only one contemporary artist at the Fair this year?

A. Last year we participated in the Fair the first time. And as a first experiment we decided to demonstrate full potential of Opera Gallery, meaning Opera Gallery that consists of 10 galleries around the world presenting art from the end of 19th century to the modern days. So last year we brought the selection of well-known artists: from impressionists to contemporary photography and sculpture. This year we wanted to do something different but also of very high quality. We have chosen another way: we are presenting the solo show of one of our best artists Lita Cabellut. We have been representing her exclusively around the world for the past 15 years, from the moment when Opera Gallery was founded. She is 52 years old and she is also a gypsy, which is extremely important in her art.

Q. How have you decided that Moscow public would be interested in such paintings?

A. It was very easy for us, as Lita has a unique technique which she had developed during few years. It is fresco technique but on canvass with addition of oil and acrylic paint that makes cracks on the canvasses like on the works of the old masters.

It is well known that Russian people love beautiful and quality art. They can appreciate good technique; they have a very good eye for something special. During the opening evening it became clear that our exhibition was very successful, – even though it is contemporary art it has strong connections with the past. All paintings of Cabellut are inspired by old Spanish and Holland masters: Velasquez, Rembrandt. She even works in two studios: in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Q. What does her art represent?

A. Cabellut paints exclusively portraits. The most of the works presented here are united under one title “Hidden Dreams”. All of them are about her own understanding of female beauty. It is not idealistic beauty that is detached from reality, but physical and sensual beauty of a strong woman. This is the main theme of the paintings. Lita gives the special attention in her determination of beauty to eyes and lips.

She grew up in a gypsy community, living on streets before she turned 14 years old, and now she paints confident women. Two of the most famous series of her works were devoted to Coco Chanel and Frida Kahlo.

The paintings are very big: 1×1.5 m is the minimum for the artist, and the maximum is around 3×2.2 m. Usually she paints only part of a face on such portrait, in this way she can bring the idea of a strong woman closer to the audience.

Q. A lot of portraits are made in a Japanese style, why?

A. Lita travelled a lot in Asia with exhibitions. There are also few portraits that she made especially for Russia, reflecting her own feelings about the country, its women and their beauty. Few dresses she decorated with a Russian ornamental pattern. These are very fresh paintings that were made in the past 6 months.

Q. What is the reaction to the paintings in Moscow?

A. It is phenomenal. However, it is not surprising for us. It is not our first time in Russia, we also have a lot of Russian clients, so we were well aware about local preferences: it is important for the public that the painting is very well made. The audience here is captivated by technique, sizes and subject of the paintings. It is new, it is beautiful and it is different. Cabellut works reflect not only our time, they will last forever.