Le siege de Corinthe @ Rossini Opera Festival

Dear all,

As you probably already read on Facebook and Twitter. I spread my wings and said YES to a collaboration with La Fura dels Baus.It all started with a beautiful encounter last fall with Carlus Padrissa and the result is this amazing project that will premiere coming 10th of August @ROF  in Pesaro, Italy.


Le siege de Corinthe

A constant fight, for power, for money, for land,  for space and maybe a little for love…

The first conceptual idea of the work is war.
The story is about man and his conflict against other man, a constant presence in human history. A constant struggle for power, money, land, space. In this staging of La Fura, the element they fight for is water, which is life for those who own it and those who seek it. Water, like gold, like oil, as raw materials that trigger wars around the world.

Mahomet II & Pamyra

A show in which water plays a fundamental role, symbolized by walls of plastic bottles scattered on the scene. The story takes place on arid, salty soil, the setting is purposely timeless, the costumes worn by the two nations (Greek and Turkish) differ only in the bloodstains that blur the customs of the Turks and the rich gold elements of the Greek.

Scenery 3rd act; photo by Eddy Wenting

The same love story could now be established at the time of Isis and the wars in the Middle East, as well as in a completely different historical period. Both nations suffer in the battle: the besieged have the water and energy, and the attackers, who want for them what the besieged defends with all their strength. And in the end, what is revealed as a recurring element is that war is done for the poor, on behalf of the rich and powerful.

PS: This is not the end… it is only the just the beginning 🙂



Dramaturgy:  Louis Juguetes y Alexandre Soumet

Musical director : Roberto Abbado
Stage director : Carlus Padrissa (La Fura dels Baus)
Sets and costumes, incl videoart: Lita Cabellut
Lighting: Vincenzo Raponi
Cast: Mahomet II Luca Pisaroni, Cléomène John Irvin, Pamyra Nino Machaidze, Neocles Sergey Romanovsky, Hieros Carlo Cigni, Adraste Xabier Anduaga, Omar Iurii Samoilov, Ismène Cecilia Molinari
Chorus: Ventidio Basso
Chorus director: Giovanni Farina

Orquesta Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI


photos and part of text courtesy of La Fura dels Baus