Army of Poets – Opera Gallery HK 9 November–1 December 2017

Opera Gallery Hong Kong

9 November–1 December 2017

Press release courtesy Opera Gallery.

After five years of absence from the Hong Kong scene, Opera Gallery is pleased to present lita Cabellut’s series Army of Poets featuring 20 new artworks. We are delighted to give pride of place to this long-term companionship with a one-of-a-kind artist.

Robert 150x150cm, 2017
Mixed media on canvas

In her new series Army of Poets, Cabellut touches and deepens the meaning of the paradox of war. “The paradox of war is that war starts from the impulse of idealism and the need to protect our values. at the same time the violence and cruelty of war quiets the voice of ethics.

In the eye of the cyclone of destruction rules the silence and in this silence arises Poetry and Poetry speaks the language of ethics.”In every installation, sculpture and painting the reality of this paradox appears in a specifc way. The statue soldiers surrounded by the beauty of destruction: a mosaic of shattered owers and pottery. Other installations are like round targets expressing the brutal forces of nature that survive time. The eye gets caught in the movement of the owers and colors, thus providing a meditational effect. It is like a clear view into the constant ow of life.

“To me the ower symbolizes the constant renewal of sources of life”.

Sophie 215x145cm, 2017
Mixed media on canvas

Young colorful soldiers against a background of chaos express intense purity.In these portraits Cabellut captures the power of fragility, the sacrice of hope, the determinacy of humility, the knowledge of fear, the intelligence of detachment expressed in the hysterical melancholy that characterizes war. It is beyond these feelings of anger, despair and destruction where we nd love. The installations accompanying the paintings reveal the essence of the portraits made with the remnants of the artistic creation. With this recreation the artist seems to emphasize the continuous ow of beauty out of destruction, of life out of death.

“We live in a time where we try to avoid war, but at the same time every war in the world is part of ourselves. There is no war that is not our war, not my war”

Lita Cabellut was born in Sariñena in 1961. she lived on the streets until the age of 12 before being adopted by a prominent family. she was then introduced to the spanish masters at the Prado Museum, where she was deeply in influenced by the paintings of Velazquez, Goya and Frans Hals. a prolific contemporary portraitist, the young Cabellut was inspired by the ubiquitous fresco paintings in her hometown. Over the years, Cabellut has developed a unique technique that yields an inimitable quality and texture to her work, painting large-scale portraits incorporating traditional fresco techniques with modern applications of oil paint. she also developed a unique technique for installations and ‘Hybride’ Photography, combining her materials in a 3 dimensional experience.

Cabellut has exhibited in different Museums; seoul, seattle, Mumbai, Delhi, Tokyo, Berlin and Den Bosch. Currently in 2017- 2018 two mayor solo exhibitions in Barcelona and la Coruña spain are running.