The Victory of Silence

Goya Museum Ibercaja,  Zaragoza
February 14th  – June 2th 2019

La Historia de una Flor | 270×200 cm

Lita Cabellut presents at the Goya Museum in Zaragoza “The victory of silence”. It is the first exhibition in Spain in which her most recent work that integrates new series and work methods is shown in public.

Open from February 14th to June 2nd, 2019. “The victory of silence” is composed of 43 pieces that Lita Cabellut has compiled under this title because, for her, she is in the fullness of silence when creation arises.

Goya is for Lita Cabellut one of her masters. The painting represents “something more than aesthetic or visual, it is a matter of intellectual and emotional impact and this is what Goya has left me as an inheritance”.

It is very easy now to exaggerate and say that Lita Cabellut identified with Goya’s shadows, or that she recognised herself in his turmoil, in his irony and in his attraction to the grotesque and anguish. And perhaps due to another factor which she reclaims in her own work: the presence of the monster, that complex and irreducible being we carry inside ourselves and which we are, hurt and rage, demon and outrage of feeling, chaos and outburst of violence. All this understandably came later on, in the process of training and learning which is as stubborn as it is laborious.

Anton Castro – Lita Cabellut; the passion of being art. – exhibition catalogue.

More information about the museum you can find HERE

La burla del reflejo – 100×200 – 2019 – mixed media on canvas & wood

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