Lita Cabellut (1961) was born in Barcelona, into a Sinti family and lived on the streets until the age of 12 when she was adopted by a prominent family. She was introduced to her masters in the Prado: Velazquez, Goya and Frans Hals and became deeply affected by art. She attended drawing and painting lessons and had her first exhibition at the age of 17 in Madrid.

She then came to the Netherlands to further develop her skills at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and to work with the special light in the Netherlands. Cabellut still lives and works in the Netherlands and continues to develop her very own typical style that is characterised by larger than life-size portraits in a special fresco technique. Through her distinctive work, Lita is among the contemporary masters of portrait art.


If my brushes
Were not able to speak
If my feet
Were not able to take a step forward or back
To gain perspective on what I see
If in my head
Confusion and doubt were not reigning
If I don’t cry
I laugh
If I was not dazzled by white
And moved by indigo
What loneliness
What loneliness
I would have with myself
I work in series, so the process of paintings starts with finding the concept.
To sit in a chair and not move until I have the project in mind
I am more than a painter, I am a storyteller.

Museum Exhibitions
  • Upcoming & past exhibitions
  • 2015/12/05 The Figure in Process; de Kooning to Kapoor, 1955-2015 Seattle, USA Pivot Art + Culture
  • 2017 October Solo Exhibition La Coruña, Spain Mac
  • 2017 October 
 Retrospective Barcelona, Spain Espai Volart I & II & III
  • 2015 9-23 Black Tulip; the Golden Age New Delhi, India Lalit Kala Akademie

  • 2015 Permanent collection Trilogy of Truth Barcelona, Spain European Museum of Modern Art MEAM
  • 2015 June 6 - 20 Black Tulip; the Golden Age Mumbai, India CSMVS Mumbai
  • 2015 September 09-23 Black Tulip; the Golden Age New Delhi, India Lalit Kala Akademie
  • 2015 Permanent collection Trilogy of Doubt 15 Catania, Italy Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia
  • 2015 May-August Blind Mirror Hudiksvall, Sweden Hälsingland Museum
  • 2014 October Black Tulip Tokyo, Japan State Visit Okura Hotel
  • 2014 June - August 100 Masterpieces Seoul, South Korea Seoul Art Centre
  • 2014 April - June Here To Stay Berlin, Germany Kunststation Kleinsassen
  • 2013 September - December Trilogy of the Doubt Den Bosch, The Netherlands Het NoordBrabants Museum
  • 2013 June Trilogy of the Doubt Barcelona, Spain Fundacion Vilacasas
  • 2012 November-2013 January Retrospective Winterswijk, The Netherlands Tricot Winterswijk
  • 2010 March - April Manifesta Maastricht Maastricht, The Netherlands Manifesta Maastricht
Gallery Exhibitions
  • Upcoming & past exhibitions
  • 2017 March 13 Solo Exhibition “De Zwarte Tulp” ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands Mark Peet Visser Gallery
  • 2017 November Solo exhibition Paris, France Opera Gallery
  • 2016 February 18 - 21 Karlsruhe Art Fair Karlsruhe, Germany Trade Fair Center
  • 2016 June 2 - 30 Solo Exhibition Beirut, Libanon Opera Gallery
  • 2016 January 21 - 24 Singapore Art Fair Singapore Opera Gallery
  • 2016 march 14 - 30 Solo exhibition Dubai Opera Gallery
  • 2015 October Solo exhibition London, UK Opera Gallery
  • 2015 March Black Tulip Amsterdam, The Netherlands Galerie 238
  • 2015 January 8-18 Miscellaneous Hamburg, Germany Metropolitan Art Management
  • 2014 November Black Tulip the Golden Age Paris, France Opera Gallery Opera Gallery
  • 2014 May-June Solo show Seoul, Korea Opera Gallery
  • 2013 November Hidden Dreams The World Art Fair Moscow, Russia Opera Gallery
  • 2013 November Dried Tear Singapore, Singapore Opera Gallery
  • 2013 March After the Show Hongkong Opera Gallery Hongkong
  • 2012 October - November After the Show Munich, Germany Terminus
  • 2012 October - November Portrait of human knowledge London, UK Opera Gallery Opera Gallery
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