TESTIMONIO, solo exhibition MAC, La Coruña, Spain

2017 October 26

Lita Cabellut, when genres merge in a poem on life, love and death

“She has conceived her painstakingly prepared project for A Coruña as an insightful book that sums up the multidisciplinary worldview that comes from her artistic conscience, the ruminations sparked off by her observation of life beyond any fantasy, because she is not interested in inventing situations, though she does wish to share her perception of her experiences and how she experiences them (“how I see the world, what moves me and how I am frightened by what I see”). And there is no better way than showing us her day-to-day life, for which I have decided to transport and reproduce a part of her studio (her experiences) from The Hague: ¨I want people to stand where I stand every day and to bring my work closer to all those who might be interested in what I do”. And her portraits and installations will set the pace and rhythm in the halls of the museum, in order to lead us through a debate on questions and concepts that have to do with existence, solitude, the fleetingness of life, the idea of passing time, truth and beliefs, tolerance, silence and innocence, the rebel cry of youth to change the world or faith and distrust in the future.”

Castro A. (2017). Testimonio, A Coruña, MAC Gas Natural Fenosa, (p.100-101)

From 26 de Octubre 2017 till 1April 2018.

MAC Gas Natural Fenosa
Avda. Arteixo, 171, 15008 A Coruña, Spain

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