Lita Cabellut


Lita Cabellut is Catalan by origin and lived on the street in Barcelona up to the age of twelve. She was adopted by an eminent Spanish family, became inspired by famous masters in the Prado Museum, started painting and was subsequently able to go to the Netherlands to follow a course at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

After her study she remained living and working in the Netherlands. She has achieved world fame with her theatrical portraits in Dubai with Veiled women, in Paris with Coco, in London with Frida and Portrait of Human Knowledge, in Hong Kong with the Behind the Curtain series, in Barcelona and The Netherlands with Trilogy of Doubt and in India with the series about the Dutch Golden Age entitled The Black Tulip.

Lita Cabellut works in series of paintings: this is how she creates stories around her themes.

Museum Exhibitions
  • Upcoming exhibitions
  • 2017 October Solo Exhibition La Coruña, Spain Mac
  • 2017 October 
 Retrospective Barcelona, Spain Espai Volart I & II & III
Gallery Exhibitions
  • Upcoming exhibitions
  • 2017 November Solo exhibition Paris, France Opera Gallery
  • La conquista del mercado del arte -el Pais-Visionarios-2016 Published by Isabel Ferrer View publication
  • Lita Cabellut “Terciopelo por fuera, lejía por dentro” Published by Marta Tabernero View publication
  • Duende y alma – Tendencias – Verano 2016 Published by M. Perera View publication
  • Beyond the spells and curses, a victorious fight for life … Published by Edgar Davidian View publication
  • Lita Cabellut on Wall of Fame, Published by MTV, Beirut View publication
  • Más allá de sortilegios y maleficios, una batalla victoriosa par la vida… Published by Edgar Davidian View publication
  • The Figure in Process; de Kooning to Kapoor, 1955-2015 Published by Dr. David Anfam View publication
  • Impulse online Published by Gili Karev; Lita Cabellut View publication
  • Trilogy of Doubt Published by R. Smolders View publication
  • The Blind Mirror Published by P. Wirtén; A. Brodow; C. Riphagen View publication
  • 19 March 2017 at 19:15 CET. Close Up Documentary – Beauty above all, NPO 2.
  • 2017 Augustus Opera: Le siege de Corinthe Pesaro, Italy