Dramatic Silk

At her art exhibition in Dubai, the Spanish painter, Lita Cabellut, reveals the hidden beauty of the East, while continuing to explore the inner world of woman, exposing the soul, and adding a special charm to the faces which are already reflecting a lot of meaning. Cabellut is revisiting the face of the East, discovering the hidden secrets of its beauty through a formula that would go beyond the typical stereotyping of the East which has been instilled through the work of many orientalists. What is more, Cabellut is not imprisoned with the limits of outer beauty, on the contrary, she depicts a dramatic silk, and delves deeply to understand the inner soul of man. Thus, stressing that the human face is an inexhaustible treasure of expressions, though many other artists have already focused on the theme of human face.
We may label Cabellut as the “chaser of inner souls” digging deep inside, painting through her body and soul like a flamenco dancer, the strokes on the canvas, adding strong expressions engulfing both spontaneity and skill. She starts a journey visiting the canvas of her paintings, she is never in isolation from her paintings. Her adventures continue deeply reaching both the self and theme, where the two paths would eventually completely unit. Even her new exhibition is depicting the features of her face, thus, Cabellut proves that her body, colours, canvas and brush become one and integrate into what her soul generates; energy or passion. Cabellut conceives her paintings, thus, turning them into a living being able to reveal expressions and breathe with colours. The strokes meet, and meaning comes to light illustrating inner thoughts, signs and symbols. Even the patterns in the dresses are almost like a new paradise blooming with flowers, butterflies and scent. Lita Cabellut as an artist is truly what one of her poems expresses “a flash of lightening among my fingers”. She fills the canvas with an abundance of inner lightening treasured inside her creative soul.  In her art exhibition which constitutes of 26 paintings of large size, Cabellut started a journey to the East to explore its beauty, which is buried underneath the layers of its soul. Cabellut travels not like any passing-by orientalist, but with the eye of an artist “a citizen of planet earth”. In addition to her love of Arabic music and flamenco, as well as her oriental features, she is “the gypsy of the planet” with an Arab roots.


In Dubai where peoples of the earth gather, and several cultures meet, Cabellut’s art exhibition, which is organized by Opera Gallery in Dubai, near Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), came to reveal the beauty of covering up and revelation, highlighting, through the faces of veiled women, the glow that is engulfed in the oriental veil. Although, Cabellut revealed only parts of the faces, nevertheless, plenty of the significant light spreads on the paintings with an appealing expression. Although, many orientalists have viewed the East in “a sexual lust”, Cabellut’s exhibition depicts a different East, revealing a real beauty hidden and concealed behind a veil. She explores beyond the hood and the language, thus, surpasses the stereotyping of eastern women which was inspired by the studies, paintings and perceptions of several scholars, artists and orientalist’s travelers, who limit the East with its people, geography, culture, and history, to only a fascination with “lust and mystery”, and not attempting to interpret the East with its profound culture.

Lita Cabellut, who was born in 1961, at the coastal Mediterranean city Barcelona, presents in her new exhibition in Dubai a visual interpretation of the image of the East. She includes a message calling for rediscovering the beauty of the East, among which the Arab countries, and fostering unprejudiced communication among all peoples. Cabellut stresses that the veil does not obstruct the perceptions or the common language among people, nor does it prevent communication. Thus, she calls for accepting the other, as is, including the culture, beliefs, religion, and social backgrounds. Cabellut encourages respecting the privacy of people, and values the significance of distinction, diversity and pluralism.  We may argue that the face is a repertoire of expressions, a gateway overlooking the soul of man. The face is the interpreter and herald of inner soul, an icon depicting the inner soul with all its feelings. Cabellut who considers “faces as either polished or broken mirrors” depicts the map of inner emotions through the faces of veiled women. Each face represents a book, where Cabellut was able to decipher the letters, signs, symbols and secrets flowing out from the soul. The faces uncovered countless expressions, pronounced hope, memories, hidden grief, uncertainty, loss, disappointment, reflection, distraction, anxiety, doubt, pain, agony, regret, farewell, defeat, challenge, expectation, confrontation, and dreams. On the other hand, Cabellut also depicted different human situations one may experience on planet earth. The eyes were the letters in the book of face, even in her paintings which excluded the eyes, the body language expressed masterfully the inner feelings, through the use of different gestures. Although most of the body is covered behind the dress and veil, Cabellut was amazingly able to depict the inner feelings, and delve into the secrets of beauty hidden in the spirit of the East. Cabellut was able to make silence speaks, the eyes radiate, and the shadow moves, through her impressive and influential works of art. Moreover, the warm colours of the East which she used, added more expressions to her paintings.

The visual experience of Lita Cabellut, reveals her ability to interpret the inner soul, and open doors to hidden secrets, whether at times of broken waves, or during a light breeze. Her paintings, graphics, sculptures and multimedia, illustrates Cabellut’s intuition and ability to dig deep into the inner soul of man, relying on her skillfulness of using expressive tools, and dedication to art as a soul mate. Cabellut’s experience proves her ingenuity, wild imagination and creativity. She was even able, within a short time, to have her name listed among the masters of art. Cabellut has her own mark when she creates her works, and she always comments that she “has married art at a young age”. Cabellut who suffered during her childhood from loss, homelessness, being an orphan, loneliness and darkness, depicts in her new exhibition the strokes of a dramatic silk, and secrets of a beauty glowing behind the veil. Thus, discovering light behind closed doors, opening the book of secrets, and depicting the veins of pain, hope and dreams on the stone of life. Cabellut’s life began as being an orphan and one of the “street children” in the old city of Barcelona. But she did not let darkness conquers her, the Mediterranean young girl being a guardian of the ancient civilization, was dreaming since childhood to become an artist. When she stood in front of the paintings of master artists in Prado museum of Madrid, her prophecy became true, and had her first exhibition before the age of eighteen, in her own city, where its impoverished streets were a witness to the tragedies of her life. In her exhibition “memories wrapped in gold paper”, the face became a powerful centre of expressions, while the dresses were a set of vocabulary enhancing meaning, rather than just an external ornament. Thus, the dresses on the canvas became letters with connotations. On the other hand, Cabellut resourcefully used cool colours on the backgrounds, so that the viewer would focus primarily on the abundant facial expressions. We may also say that the colourful dresses with flowers and butterflies patters were reflecting the inner feelings of women appearing on the paintings. Thus, the veil does not become a cover of the beauty of the face of the East. Moreover, the exhibition also included 3-D paintings reflecting different human situations every woman may go through, hence, highlighting the beauty of the soul, body and mind.

Those who will have the chance to see the work of Lita Cabellut, will be influenced by them as they are full of passion and strong feelings, reflecting the emotions with every vibrant stroke of her brush, while whole areas of the canvas were covered with expression. After long research and experimenting with her own work, Cabellut was able to develop her own technique of depicting the “human complexion”. The visitors of the exhibition could feel the skin of the face with all its veins, they even are almost able to touch them. Lita Cabellut brings to her works of art a spirit of poetry. When she completes her paintings, she discovers what she has transferred part of her soul down on the canvas. She comments “interpret the painting always from the eyes, mouth, gestures, colours, and strokes, while searching for a poem hidden there”. Lita Cabellut proves again in her exhibition that she is an extraordinary artist, who will not refrain from delving deep into the human side of the world through her impressive, amazing and articulate art.


Ali Al Ameri