Painter – Painting

Only as from the modern era, did the material scale of painting start making an integral part of the perception of a work of art. In a certain way, for the artist, working on the question of scale therefore meant setting oneself the aim of creating a chromatic space that involved the whole viewer while […]

Beyond the spells and curses, a victorious fight for life …

Culture Beyond the spells and curses, a victorious fight for life … Lita Cabellut, the momentum of a doe ready to pounce, in her fiery and rebellious fifties. “Painting to exhaustion and mastering my art,” is the motto of Lita Cabellut, artist, gypsy, half-witch, half-fairy godmother on a visit to Beirut. * Edgar Davidian | […]

The Figure in Process; de Kooning to Kapoor, 1955-2015

The Figure in Process by David Anfam The current project explores how artists have addressed the human figure and its place in the world across the broadest spectrum – from verisimilitude to the cusp of abstraction, from the grotesque to the ideal, and from two into three dimensions. Its scope begins in 1955 and spans […]

Heaven of the Disasters Essay by Robert C. Morgan

Art as a Form of TestimonyInterpreting Cabellut’s Heaven of the Disasters Robert C. Morgan In addition to materials, inspiration, and technical knowledge, some works of art also require a heightened degree of courage in order to become realized. This does not happen automatically and rarely relates directly to the artist’s intentions. Nor does it happen […]

Dramatic Silk

At her art exhibition in Dubai, the Spanish painter, Lita Cabellut, reveals the hidden beauty of the East, while continuing to explore the inner world of woman, exposing the soul, and adding a special charm to the faces which are already reflecting a lot of meaning. Cabellut is revisiting the face of the East, discovering […]

Coco and Cabellut

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel There are many parallels between the lives of empress of fashion, Coco Chanel, and the expressionist artist Lita Cabellut. Both women began their lives in poverty, both found a core of expression that raised the stature of the feminine mystique, both fearlessly confronted […]

Lita Cabellut’s saving Memory

Lita Cabellut’s life contains all the ingredients that go to making a movie based on extremes.  Pain, distress, her childhood’s emotional shockwaves, her adolescent loneliness, then creative happiness, supreme emotion transposed onto the blank canvas surface, which transmuted pain into esthetic pleasure and into an obvious artistic success, based on an exceptional personal experience.  The […]

Clutching the Light of the Moon

hroughout the history of art, there are certain artists who retain the power to project special insight into the very essence of human life. Lita Cabellut is one of them. Her art is a kind of performance, a way of seeing and interpreting realities not always made visible. Her special role is to discover those […]